Training general education

Detecting students who are intelligent, have excellent results in learning to develop their talents in one of following subjects: Mathematics, Information Technology, Chemistry, Biology and English

Educating students to be patriotic, to have spirit of overcoming in difficulty, proud and self-honored nation, ability to self-study, scientific research and creativity; good health to meet the requirements of the country.


Organizing educational activities according to objectives, general education programs, teaching content for gifted students.

To facilitate students in scientific research, technical creativity; applying knowledge to solve practical problems and using foreign languages in learning and communication.

To coordinate with educational schools, scientific and technological organizations; to associate teaching with scientific research to meet social needs.

To propose a plan for development of infrastructure to serve in teaching and scientific research.

To manage teaching quality in accordance with the prescribed standards of the specialized education system

To monitor the development of students after graduation; to support activities of the alumni club.

Participating, supporting to train pedagogical practice system, graduate, postgraduate of Vinh University.